Foxxy Vacations 2022 Hot Springs Edition Pre Orders

Created by Isaac Fox

A naughty pinup book featuring characters from across Isaac Fox's comic universes.

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3 months ago – Mon, May 30, 2022 at 02:52:02 PM

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3 months ago – Fri, May 27, 2022 at 12:12:31 AM

Hey vacationers, 

I'll bullet point everything to make this update quick and easy

  • TOMORROW is the FINAL DAY for surveys! We will be placing orders for all items this weekend. Whatever information and counts for items we have in the surveys are what we base the orders off of. If you do not fill out your survey by tomorrow night additionally added items through Backerkit may not be available. 
  • Surveys go directly to your emails via Backerkit 
  • Digital rewards go out this weekend based on Backerkit surveys. Digital rewards will be sent to you via a direct message here on Kickstarter which will contain a download link. Please do not respond to this message unless you encounter difficulties with the downloads. 
  • Please remember to use actual name on the address for your surveys. This is especially true for our overseas backers where your local customs may check the package and return it to us because they don't know who "DragonTamer4000" living at address X actually is. 
  • The pre-order store closes tomorrow night! If you missed out on the campaign, this is your LAST CHANCE to get the goodies! Click here to go to the pre-order store! 

Thank you to everyone who's filled out their surveys already!! You're helping us help you. We apologize for sounding rushy or pushy about the surveys! With every production facility quoting us massive delays in production due to the global paper shortage, we're trying to move quickly so you don't have to wait too long to get your well-earned rewards. Thank you for helping and supporting us! 

We hope to see you in July for Cremisi #2's REBIRTH campaign where you can become an Astral Ticket FIRST CLASS passenger! 

- Brooke Astral 

Astral Ticket Mascot/America's #1 Raccoon Girl 

Surveys are here! DUE IN TWO WEEKS!
3 months ago – Sun, May 15, 2022 at 01:03:55 AM

Hello vacationers! 

The surveys are here! The test went well so the full run is out now! 

Please check your emails. 

These surveys come from Backerkit and are due in TWO WEEKS! 

Miss something you really wanted to grab from the campaign? Almost all items and add ons are available through the Backerkit surveys! This is your last chance to fully customize your hot springs vacation experience. 

This rather strict deadline comes from our desire to speed up fulfillment times for you. We cannot order any items to be  printed, created, crafted, etc... until the surveys are answered so we know how much of what to order. For this to work, we are giving everyone TWO WEEKS to complete the surveys. 

After these two weeks, we can no longer guarantee added on items will be available as that is when we'll do our final count and order items for production. 

Did you miss out on the campaign all together? No worries! For the first time ever, the Foxxy Vacations PRE ORDER STORE is LIVE now! 


Thank you for joining us on our first-ever pinup book! Digital rewards will be going out soon! Don't forget to join our official Discord server where you can chat all things geek, ask Izumi questions directly, and get freebies like phone wallpapers and digital books! 

- Brooke Astral 

Astral Ticket Mascot/representative and #1 raccoon girl 

3 months ago – Sat, May 07, 2022 at 05:25:42 AM

Hey vacationers, 

test surveys are coming NEXT WEEK! (unless something wild happens.) FOUR QUICK AND HUGELY IMPORTANT NOTES ON THIS! 

  •  Surveys will come from Backerkit so keep an eye on your emails! Backerkit does a "smoke test" where only a handful of backers from each tier receive a survey initially. This helps us make sure the surveys are working properly and items are listed accurately.  Once we know the surveys and items are in proper order, the full survey run will be sent out. 
  •  Surveys will be due within 2 weeks of being sent out! (not including smoke test) We are attempting to speed up our fulfillment process but we can't do it without your help. Please submit your surveys ASAP! If you miss the deadline we cannot guarantee add ons added through Backerkit will be available. Your rewards package may also get delayed if you miss the deadline. 
  •  PLEASE use your real name on your surveys! Thanks to your help, we've grown a lot! To help with this growth, packing labels are printed automatically using the exact information on your survey. If the name does not match someone registered at the given address, the postal service may return the package to us. This is especially true for our non-U.S. based backers. We are not liable for shipping expenses should a package return due to your local postal authority not knowing who "dragontamer5000" is.  
  •  A PREORDER STORE WILL BE AVAILABLE THROUGH BACKERKIT! Due to receiving many requests, we will be utilizing Backerkit's preorder store feature. This allows those who DID NOT back the campaign to pick up some books and items and have them shipped out during our fulfillment period. If you or someone you know wanted a copy of Foxxy Vacations but missed out, here's your chance to grab a copy! 

We are absolutely dedicated to getting you guys your rewards as quickly, but more importantly, with as high of quality as possible. If you ever have questions or need assistance, you're welcome to reach out here and Brooke will help you any way she can. You can also ask Izumi in our DISCORD fan server for help. 

We try our hardest to provide the BEST customer service on Kickstarter! 

With your cooperation, we can get these items in your hands in quick fashion! 

More updates will come as we have them. 

Thank you for your support and we hope you'll join us in July for Cremisi #2's REBIRTH Kickstarter! 

Isaac Fox

4 months ago – Wed, Apr 27, 2022 at 09:51:51 AM

Hello vacationers,

please join us tonight at 8 p.m. eastern where Foxxy Vacation's creator Isaac Fox will be livestreaming our post-campaign wrap up. We're hoping to stream on Facebook but that can be temperamental. If that won't work, we'll be streaming to our channel on Twitch. 

Isaac will be talking about our post-campaign plans, updates on previous campaigns, and our next Kickstyarter for Cremisi #2 REBIRTH. We'll even have some reward goodies to show off and will be taking any questions you may have! 

(Special thank you to Benni Bunny for reminding us to do the live stream!) 

Thank you and see you soon! 

- Brooke Astral