Foxxy Vacations 2022 Hot Springs Edition Pre Orders

Created by Isaac Fox

A naughty pinup book featuring characters from across Isaac Fox's comic universes.

Latest Updates from Our Project:

The hot springs are HEATING UP with a new add on!
5 months ago – Sun, Mar 27, 2022 at 11:58:54 PM

Hey vacationers, 

the hot springs on our vacation just got HOTTER! A new add on is available to join you on your vacation. 

This VIRGIN NAUGHTY SPOT FOIL cover can be yours with this sexy Alice on a cover of Cremisi #1 by the world-renowned artist, Leirix! Foil and metal covers do NOT go up for sale on our website - and are only available here on Kickstarter!  Customize your vacation package to suit your desires today! 

You can vacation forever! Shiny and red!

Only a handful of Irish Izumi standees remain! Get one before they're gone forever! 

The flight to the hot springs can be a long one. Luck for you, your Astral Ticket guarantees you a first-class trip! Make your flight more comfortable with this NAUGHTY dakimakura featuring everyone's favorite Foxxy mascot, Izumi Fox! Accept no substitutes! 

We all love great comics. Check out this outstanding comic from our friend, Nicholas Mueller. 

In 1103 France, life is hard and every day is a struggle. But what if you were offered complete freedom and paradise in exchange for servanthood? Whispers of the malevolent conqueror spread across the land; join the Nocturnal King and receive all his glory and blessings or face the consequences of his ire and earn his wrath.

Many who live in this harsh and uncertain time consider this option; give up everything for an easier life...except Naomi.

Not swayed by idealist wishes, she sees through the veil of deceptive promises that this false king extorts. She remains steadfast in her conviction to serve in the Sisterhood, but she grows dismayed as many depart for these false promises.


Thank you for reading! When do I get a dakimakura of me? 

- Brooke Astral 

#1 raccoon girl! 

Interview about Foxxy Vacations!
5 months ago – Tue, Mar 22, 2022 at 11:05:57 PM

Hey vacationers,

Isaac Fox, President of Astral Ticket and creator of Foxxy Vacations, Cremisi, Pure Intent, and SuccuBUSTED! wil be in a LIVE interview at 9 p.m. eastern tonight. Hop in to learn more about the book and ask him any questions you may have!

First time appearance on a dakimakura!

Almost to a new stretch goal and NEW TIER!
5 months ago – Tue, Mar 22, 2022 at 08:59:18 PM

Hey there vacationers! 

A NEW TIER is available now! A VIRGIN METAL variant of Leirix's Brooke Astral in her super cute and sexy raccoon bikini is now live! This collector's item is available as both a reward tier and an add on. Take her on vacation with you today! 

We're almost to our next stretch goal! The chibi Izumi Fox sticker! This comes in both physical and digital forms! Speaking of Izumi, only a few of the of IRISH IZUMI standees remain. Once these are sold out, they are gone for good! 


Three stretch goals in three days! NEW TIERS!
5 months ago – Sun, Mar 20, 2022 at 08:22:06 PM

Hey vacationers! 

Fist off, THANK YOU for backing Foxxy Vacations! We were a little nervous to launch this book since we've never done anything quite like it before. Those fears were quickly put to rest by YOU! Our team shared a  Discord meeting complete with happy tears touched by your support. 

Already THREE stretch goals are unlocked! (Graphics will be updated tonight) ALL stretch goal tier backers now get the Happy Raccoon Noise Brooke download, the Izumi Fox Swimsuit Magnet, and the Brooke Noveau print by Eric Chen. 

TWO new tiers have appeared! Requested by backers, these new tiers are guaranteed to enhance any vacation package. R#13M gets you a METAL VIRGIN variant of Aldi Fauzan's Renee cover and R#32 puts YOU in the center of the action on a customized holofoil cover. Limited to only THREE! 

Grab them while they last! Speaking of lasting, our limited EXCLUSIVE Irish Izumi standees are almost gone! Take this Irish Izumi on vacation with you while you can. 

Thank you again for your support!  Please always feel free to reach out with any questions. Making you all happy is why we do this and it's something we hope to do for a long long time! 

See you in the hot springs! 

- Brooke Astral 

Don't forget to check out more work from our amazing Mitsu-Blinger. Creator of Benni Blinger, lead artist on the comic pages for Foxxy Vacations, lead artist on Cremisi 4, and the lead artist of SuccuBUSTED! 

Click me!
Let's go on vacation together!
Limited to three!

(If you want to add this tier select it as your primary tier then add the others in the add on screen) 

Graphic to be updated soon - next up is the Izumi chibi sticker!